CBB Volume 2: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 2—Islamic Banks
Part A
High Level Standards
LR Licensing Requirements
PB Principles of Business
HC High-Level Controls
AU Auditors and Accounting Standards
GR General Requirements
SG Shari'a Governance
SG-A Introduction
SG-B Scope of Application
SG-1 Shari'a Governance Structure
SG-2 Shari'a Supervisory Board (SSB)
SG-3 Shari'a Coordination and Implementation
SG-4 Internal Shari'a Audit
SG-5 Independent External Shari'a Compliance Audit
SG-6 Disclosure Requirements
Business Standards
Reporting Requirements
Enforcement & Redress
Part B
Quarterly Updates
Ad-hoc Communications
Archived Part A
Archived Part B