CBB Volume 2: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 2—Islamic Banks
Part A
Part B
Quarterly Updates
Ad-hoc Communications
Wage Protection Scheme_13 February 2020
Monthly Escrow Account Data_27 January 2020
Instructions for Publication of Press Releases Concerning Financial Results_14 January 2020
Transition from LIBOR_14 January 2020
Financial Reporting for VAT purposes_13 January 2020
Appendix BR-24 Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) — Volume 2_13 January 2020
EDBS_e-KYC Project Implementation_12 January 2020
Certificate of Capital Deposits for Companies_2 January 2020
Revised Operational Risk Management Module (Module OM)_31 December 2019
EDBS_KH_New Requirements in Module HC_29 December 2019
CBB Regulatory Policy Initiatives for the banking industry for the year 2020_25 December 2019
Local Tokenization Project for Local Debit Cards_24 October 2019
Issuance of the Amended Module TMA -Volume 6_2 October 2019
Use of Monthly Flat Rate of Interest/Profit for Credit Facilities_24 September 2019
SMS on Failed ATM/Point of Sale ("POS") Transactions_24 September 2019
Contactless Payment Transactions_18 August 2019
Proposed Requirements on Point of Sale (POS) Infrastructure_8 August 2019
Wage Protection Scheme ("WPS")_22 July 2019
Unclaimed Account Balances_10 July 2019
Appendix BR-23 Liquidity Coverage Ratio Report (LCR)_ 7 July 2019
Local Tokenization Project for Local Debit Cards_26 June 2019
Agreed Upon Procedures for Module FC_19 June 2019
Practices for charging profit on credit cards_13 June 2019
Account Opening, Acceptance and Deposit of funds — Clubs and Youth Centres_23 May 2019
New Procedures for Opening Bank Accounts for Owner's Association_24 April 2019
Issuance of the Digital Financial Advice Rules_26 March 2019
e-KYC Project Implementation_7 March 2019
Regulations relating to 'Crypto-Assets'_21 February 2019
Brokerage Fees in Bahrain_31 January 2019
Clarification regarding treatment of Fixed Deposits_20 January 2019
Compliance Chapter in Module HC — High-Level Controls_15 January 2019
Agreed Upon Procedures for Module FC_13 January 2019
Amendment to Appendices BR-20 and BR-21 under CBB Rulebook_9 January 2019
Failed ATM/POS Terminal Transactions Resulting in Un-claimed Cash Resting with Licensees_30 December 2018
VAT and Financial Services_25 December 2018
Disclosure of information in credit card statements_24 December 2018
CBB Regulatory Policy Initiatives for the banking industry for the year 2019_18 December 2018
Regulations relating to 'Open Banking'_6 December 2018
Circular Card Rounding off Transactions_22 November 2018
Issuance of the Leverage Ratio Requirements_4 November 2018
Amazon Web Services "AWS" Cloud Session_11 October 2018
Drive-Thru ATMs_16 September 2018
Fees on letter certifying the receipt of capital amount for companies under formation_13 September 2018
BD-USD Exchange Rate on Cards_30 August 2018
Account opening and funds collected by way of donations_29 August 2018
Use of Rule 78 on Early Repayment of Installment Financing Facilities_29 August 2018
Liquidity Risk Management Module_16 August 2018
ATM Alert_15 August 2018
Interest/profit charges on credit cards_15 August 2018
Amendments to Module TC for Volume 2_14 August 2018
Amendments to LR Module_12 August 2018
Risk Management Related Modules_5 August 2018
Customer and public awareness about Islamic finance concepts and products and training of client facing employees_15 July 2018
Failed ATM/POS Terminal Transactions Resulting in Un-Claimed Cash Resting with Licensees_31 May 2018
Failed ATM/PoS Terminal Transactions Resulting in Un-claimed Cash Resting with Licensees_7 May 2018
Amendments to the Operational Risk Management Module_29_April_2018
Failed ATM/PoS Terminal Transactions Resulting in Un-claimed Cash Resting with Licensees_23 April 2018
Revised Form "Prudential Information Returns for Islamic Banks" (PIRI)_3 April 2018
Implementation of Wage Protection System (WPS)_15 March 2018
Compliance with the CBB Rules Applicable to Controllers_6 March 2018
Compliance with the CBB Rules Applicable to Controllers_28 February 2018
Issuance of new Internal Audit Requirements under the High Level Controls Module (Module HC)_13 February 2018
New Requirements in the Operational Risk Management Module (OM)_13 February 2018
CBB Regulatory Policy Initiatives for the Banking Industry for the Year 2018_31 January 2018
Failed ATM/POS Terminal Transactions Resulting in Un-claimed Cash Resting with Licensees_11 January 2018
Investing in Fintech_3 December 2017
Implementation of FAS 30 — Impairment, credit losses and onerous commitments_29 November 2017
Wage Protection System Solution — Request for Proposal_25 September 2017
Industry Feedback Open Bank Account for CUF_13 September 2017
Amendments to Financial Crime Module (FC)_12 September 2017
Amendments to Financial Crime Module (FC)_10 September 2017
Amendments to Operational Risk Management Module_7 September 2017
Amendment to the Regulatory Sandbox Framework_28 August 2017
Amendments to CBB Reporting Requirements Module (BR)_28 August 2017
Issuance of the new Shari'a Governance Module_9 August 2017
Registration of Expatriate Staff with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority_27 July 2017
Proposed Procedures for Opening bank accounts for Companies Under Formation_27 July 2017
Protected Cell Companies_22 June 2017
Investment Limited Partnerships_22 June 2017
Trust Registration and Amendment Form_22 June 2017
Country & Transfer Risks - Additional Section to Module CM_4 June 2017
"Bahrain Trade" Initiative_30 May 2017
Provision of data on Commodity Murabaha and Interbank Wakala_22 May 2017
Insurance Charges and Costs for Credit Facilities and Debit/Credit Cards_21 May 2017
Cyber Security Forum & Expo_25 April 2017
Directive Common Reporting Standards (CRS)_30 January 2017
Implementation of Resolution No. (59) of 2011 — Registration of Pledges and Liens on Securities — and its amendment Resolution No. (30) of 2015_11 January 2017
Onsite Inspection Process_10 January 2017
CBB Regulatory Policy Initiatives for the banking industry for the year 2017_29 December 2016
Guidelines for IFRS9 ECL Implementation by Banks and Financing Companies_28 December 2016
Qualifications and Core Competencies for Controlled functions_14 December 2016
Electronic System for Commercial Licenses launched by the Ministry of Industry Commerce & Tourism ("MOICT")_16 November 2016
Newly Issued Laws — Protected Cell Companies and Investment Limited Partnerships_6 November 2016
Trust Law_6 November 2016
Latest Version of Prudential Information Returns (PIR & PIRI)_30 October 2016
Specialized Workshop on Cyber Security in Banks & Fintech_25 October 2016
Serving the Disabled Customers_5 October 2016
Third Annual Information Security Conference for the Financial Sector_3 October 2016
New Appointment Notification_7 September 2016
Transaction Advice_31 August 2016
Implementation of Bahrain Credit Reference Bureau Code of Practice and Rules_22 August 2016
Transaction Advice — Corporate Customer Accounts_21 August 2016
Transaction Advice_28 July 2016
US Dollar Parity Rate_4 July 2016
Issuance of CRB Code of Practice_9 June 2016
Outsourcing of Functions Containing Customer Information_9 June 2016
Cyber Security Risk Management_1 June 2016
Cyber Attacks on Critical IT Systems and Infrastructure_11 May 2016
SMS Transaction Advice_28 April 2016
Update of Appendix CA-18 and Amendments to Module CA: Bahrain Sovereign and Government Entities Eligible for Zero Risk Weighting_1 March 2016
Reminder on Submission of Eligible Accounts Report_7 January 2016
Amendments to the Central Bank and Financial Institutions Law No. (64) of the year 2006_27 December 2015
Paid-up Capital Bank Certificates for the Establishment of Commercial Companies_27 December 2015
New Electronic System for Commercial Licenses launched by the Ministry of Industry & Commerce ("MOIC")_27 December 2015
Update of Appendix CA-8: Bahrain Sovereign and Government Entities Eligible for Zero Risk Weighting_16 November 2015
IFRS 9: Quantitative Impact Assessment (QIA)_15 November 2015
BIBF's Securities Market Regulation Certification Programme_30 September 2015
Credit Check Reports Requested by Pensioners_27 August 2015
Amendment of Rule in Module CA_24 May 2015
Adoption of an Electronic Establishment of Registration Certificate By the Ministry of Industry & Commerce_6 May 2015
Microsoft 'End of Lifecycle & Support for Windows Server 2003'_22 April 2015
ATMs — Precautions During Formula One Period_9 April 2015
Women in the Financial and Banking Sector 2015_31 March 2015
Submission of the Quarterly Capital Adequacy Form_26 March 2015
Specialized Workshop on Stress Testing & Capital Planning_24 March 2015
Women in the Financial and Banking Sector_15 March 2015
Clarification of Remuneration Rule and Guidance_19 February 2015
Court Actions Taken Against Customers_16 February 2015
Basel Committee Consultative Document: Revisions to the Standardised Approach for Credit Risk_10 February 2015
Publication of Close-Out Netting Regulation_30 December 2014
Reminder on Submission of Eligible Accounts Report_25 December 2014
Changes in the Current Smart ID Cards_20 November 2014
Monthly Progress Reports on Implementation of Basel III — Pillar I_18 September 2014
Financial Advice Programme_24 July 2014
Upgrade of ATMs and application software that run on Windows XP_28 April 2014
Training Course — Islamic Financing Instruments_22 April 2014
Treatment of Interest or Profit in Suspense in the PIR and Published Financial Statements_17 April 2014
Islamic Banks Contributions - Deposit & URIA Protection Scheme_26 March 2014
Microsoft announces end of Lifecycle & Custom Support for its Windows XP operating systems_25 March 2014
Private Placements of Securities Issued by or Promoted by Banks Licensed in Bahrain_24 March 2014
ATM During Formula One_17 March 2014
Discriminatory Service Treatment Not Allowed_11 March 2014
Questionnaire for significant IT Outsourcing_9 March 2014
Compliance with AAOIFI, Accounting, Governance, Ethics and Shari'a Standards_19 February 2014
Obtaining a Rating_26 December 2013
Compliance with Resolution No. (16) 2012_25 December 2013
Skimming Frauds at ATMs_11 December 2013
Module TC Volumes 1 and 2 Amendment_9 December 2013
Sound remuneration practices for Licensed Banks_26 November 2013
BIS Consultative Document — "Fundamental review of the trading book — second consultative document"_18 November 2013
Nomination of bank's representatives to participate in the Eleventh Banking Conference (Abu Dhabi 4–5 November 2013)_6 October 2013
Non-Resident Accounts_9 September 2013
Deposits from Private Security Firms Operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain_5 September 2013
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)_29 August 2013
Automated Teller Machines_21 August 2013
Recent cases of fraud in auto finance_24 July 2013
Treasury Master Agreements and IIFM Interbank Unrestricted Master Investment Wakalah Agreement_10 July 2013
Promotion of and participation in educational scholarships and bursaries by licensees of the CBB_3 July 2013
Suspicious Transactions Online System (STRs)_25 June 2013
Extension of Bahrain Credit Reference Bureau ("BCRB") Services to Cover Corporates_13 June 2013
Basel 3 Implementation Plan_12 June 2013
Written Communications with the Banking Supervision Staff at the Central Bank of Bahrain — Use of Electronic Files_30 May 2013
Electronic Submission of Returns and Analysis of Data (ESRAD)_20 May 2013
Outsourcing of Card Business and Electronic/Internet Banking Services_19 May 2013
Internet Security Measures_16 May 2013
The official adoption of the GCC States Identity Card_24 March 2013
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)_19 February 2013
Restricted Investment Accounts_3 January 2013
Change in Due Date and Payment for CBB Annual License Fees_4 December 2012
Basel 3 Proforma Reporting_27 November 2012
Sale of Insurance Products_16 September 2012
New Basel Committee Consultative Document: Margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives_30 July 2012
Secured Lending Baseline Survey for the AMF_11 July 2012
Press Releases Concerning Financial Statements 5 July 2012
Benefits received by Approved Persons 5 July 2012
Advertisements for retail Banking Products and Services 4 July 2012
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA")_21 May 2012
Public Disclosure of Quarterly Financial Statements — Module PD-3
Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) Standards and Guidance
Circular - Early Repayment Fees and Charges for Consumer and Mortgage Credit Facilities
Request for Information on Disclosures related to Corporate Governance
Transaction Advice and Internet Security
Arrangements for Retired Customers' Financing Facilities
Interest/Profit Rates, Commissions, Fees & Other Charges on Products & Services
Delivery of Date Sensitive Documents at the CBB
Appointment of Independent Director
Appointment of Independent Director
Financial Advice Programme_22 June 2011
Financial Advice Programme
Publication of Financial Statements
Disbursement of BD1000 Grant to Bahraini Families
Disbursement of BD1000 Grant to Bahraini Families
BCRB's Retention of Adverse Customer Data
Implementation of the Corporate Governance requirements in the High Level Controls Module (HC) and Public Disclosure Module (PD)
"Basel 3" - Quantitative Impact Assessment
Circular - Business Card Requirements - Islamic Banks
Circular - FCB Working Week
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