CBB Volume 3: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 3—Insurance
Part A
High Level Standards
AU Authorisation
PB Principles of Business
HC High-Level Controls
HC-A Introduction
HC-B Scope of Application
HC-1 The Board
HC-2 Approved Persons Loyalty
HC-3 Audit Committee and Financial Statements Certification
HC-4 Appointment, Training and Evaluation of the Board
HC-5 Remuneration of Approved Persons
HC-6 Management Structure
HC-7 Communication between Board and Shareholders
HC-8 Corporate Governance Disclosure
HC-9 Takaful and Retakaful Companies
HC-10 Insurance Consultants, Insurance Managers, Insurance Aggregators and Captive Insurance Firms
Appendix A Audit Committee
Appendix B Nominating Committee
Appendix C Remuneration Committee
Appendix D Corporate Governance Disclosure to Shareholders
AA Auditors and Actuaries
GR General Requirements
Business Standards
Reporting Requirements
Enforcement & Redress
Sector Guides
Part B
Quarterly Updates
Ad-hoc Communications
Archived Part A