CBB Volume 3: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 3—Insurance
Part A
Part B
Quarterly Updates
Ad-hoc Communications
Submission of Prudential Reporting under "CBB Reporting" Module of the CBB Rulebook_21 January 2020
Instructions for Publication of Press Releases Concerning Financial Results_15 January 2020
Financial Reporting for VAT purposes_13 January 2020
Paperless Workflow While Visiting the Healthcare Providers_5 November 2019
IFRS 17 "Insurance Contract"_15 October 2019
Issuance of the Amended Module TMA -Volume 6_2 October 2019
Confirmation of Receivables_11 September 2019
Resolution No. (50) of 2019 — Amendment to the Unified Compulsory Third Party Motor Insurance Policy_8 September 2019
Issuance of the Insurance Aggregators Module_8 August 2019
Supplementary Information Appendix FC-(vi) Agreed-upon Procedures for fulfilling the reporting requirements in Compliance with FC Module (Financial Crime)_21 July 2019
Agreed Upon Procedures for Financial Crime (FC) Module_21 July 2019
Exposure to controllers_25 March 2019
e-KYC Project Implementation_7 March 2019
Agreed Upon Procedures for Financial Crime (FC) Module_16 January 2019
CBB Regulatory Policy Initiatives for Insurance Licensees for the year 2019_3 January 2019
VAT and Financial Services_25 December 2018
Amendment to the Regulatory Sandbox Framework_28 August 2017
Protected Cell Companies_22 June 2017
Investment Limited Partnerships_22 June 2017
Directive Common Reporting Standards (CRS)_30 January 2017
Implementation of Resolution No. (59) of 2011 — Registration of Pledges and Liens on Securities — and its amendment Resolution No. (30) of 2015_11 January 2017
Onsite Inspection Process_10 January 2017
Newly Issued Laws — Protected Cell Companies and Investment Limited Partnerships_6 November 2016
Trust Law_6 November 2016
Resolution No. (23) of 2016 — Unified Compulsory Third Party Motor Insurance Policy_26 July 2016
Confirmation of Receivables_6 June 2016
Premiums/Contributions and Brokerage Commissions_6 June 2016
Amendments to the Central Bank and Financial Institutions Law No. (64) of the year 2006_29 December 2015
Women in the Financial and Banking Sector 2015_31 March 2015
Women in the Financial and Banking Sector_15 March 2015
Court Actions Taken Against Customers_16 February 2015
Changes in the Current Smart ID Cards_27 November 2014
Services Offered by Insurance Third Party Administrators_18 September 2014
Updated IFR(T) and IFRQ(T)_1 September 2014
Updated IFR(C) and IFRQ(C)_1 September 2014
Discriminatory Service Treatment Not Allowed_11 March 2014
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)_29 August 2013
Promotion of and participation in educational scholarships and bursaries by licensees of the CBB_3 July 2013
Suspicious Transaction Reports Online System (STRs)_25 June 2013
Electronic Submission of Returns and Analysis of Data (ESRAD)_20 May 2013
The official adoption of the GCC States Identity Card_27 March 2013
Due date for Annual Insurance Broker Return (IBR)_20 February 2013
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA)_19 February 2013
Change in Due Date and Payment for CBB Annual License Fees_2 December 2012
Dealing with Intermediaries and Third Party Administrators (TPAs)_23 August 2012
Dealing with Intermediaries and TPAs_29 May 2012
Delivery of Date Sensitive Documents at the CBB
Volume 3 Launch Letter
Archived Part A