CBB Volume 6: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 6—Capital Markets
Part A
Part B
Quarterly Updates
Ad-hoc Communications
Issuance of the Amended Module TMA -Volume 6_2 October 2019
Amendments to Module AML Volume 6_29 August 2019
e-KYC Project Implementation_7 March 2019
Regulations relating to 'Crypto-Assets'_24 February 2019
Issuance of the Amended Modules MAE and MIR_22 January 2019
Agreed Upon Procedures for Module AML_16 January 2019
VAT and Financial Services_25 December 2018
CMS Implementation of Resolution 112018-SRO Model_8 March 2018
CMS Implementation of the Legislative Decree No (1) of 2018_15 January 2018
CMS Amendments of OFS Module in relation to ESOP_4 December 2017
Incorporating of Financing and Equity Based Crowdfunding Directives into the CBB Rulebook_14 September 2017
Amendments to OFS Module_11 September 2017
Amendment to the Regulatory Sandbox Framework_28 August 2017
Directive Common Reporting Standards (CRS)_30 January 2017
Implementation of Resolution No. (59) of 2011 — Registration of Pledges and Liens on Securities — and its amendment Resolution No. (30) of 2015_11 January 2017
CMS Clarification on Declaration of Companies' 2015 Financial Statements Resolution 54_21 January 2016
CMS Implementation of Resolution (54)_17 January 2016
Amendments to the Central Bank and Financial Institutions Law No. (64) of the year 2006_29 December 2015
Women in the Financial and Banking Sector_15 March 2015
CMS Implementation of the Legislative Decree No (50)_30 October 2014
CMS Dissemination of Financial Statements on BHB Website_7 August 2014
Dissemination of Financial Statements on BHB Website_7 August 2014
Discriminatory Service Treatment Not Allowed_11 March 2014
Volume 6 of the CBB Rulebook — Offering of Securities Module (Module OFS)_9 December 2013
Suspicious Transaction Reports Online System_25 June 2013
Electronic Submission of Returns and Analysis of Data (ESRAD)_20 May 2013
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA)_19 February 2013
Change in Due Date and Payment for CBB Annual License Fees_2 December 2012
CMS Implementation of Resolution_9 January 2012
Delivery of Date Sensitive Documents at the CBB
Corporate Governance Code as an item on the AGM Agenda
Key Persons Dealing Policy
New Anti-Money Laundering and Combating of Financial Crime Rules (Module AML)
New Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Disciplinary Proceedings Rules (Module DRA)
New Market Intermediaries and Representatives Rules
Market Surveillance, Investigation and Enforcement Rules
CMS Content of Press Releases with regards to Financial Results_20 August 2009
Prohibition of Market Abuse and Manipulation Rules
Clearing, Settlement and Central Depositary Rules
Rules on Cooperation and Exchange of Information with Overseas Authorities (Module ICO)
New Take-Overs, Mergers, Acquisitions and Share Repurchases Rules
New Markets & Exchange Rules
Volume 6 Launch Letter
OG Disclosure Standards Press Annoucements_20 November 2005