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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 1—Conventional Banks > Part A > Business Standards > BC Business and Market Conduct > BC-1 Promotion of Financial Products and Services > BC-1.1 Promotion of Financial Products and Services Offered in/from Bahrain by Means of Incentives etc. > Introduction > BC-1.1.3
  • Introduction

    • BC-1.1.1

      The purpose of the content of this Section is to set out requirements pertaining to the promotion of banking/financial products offered in/from Bahrain by conventional bank licensees by means of incentives etc. (herein referred to as 'promotional schemes').

      October 07

    • BC-1.1.2

      The CBB has no objection to the use of promotional schemes in general and, unless it otherwise specifically directs in any particular case, the CBB does not expect to be actively consulted/have its approval sought about the idea and/or substance of any promotional schemes. Any advertising of promotional schemes are subject to the requirements of Section BC-1.2. The CBB should also be sent copies of documentation relating to promotional schemes at least ten days prior to their launch for information purposes.

      Amended: October 2012
      Amended: January 2011
      October 07

    • BC-1.1.3

      The CBB will monitor promotional schemes and, if thought appropriate in the interests of a bank or other financial institution (together herein referred to as 'institutions') and its customers in particular and/or the financial sector in general, may issue specific guidance in certain cases. Institutions should feel free to consult the CBB at any time regarding any matters referred to in the explanatory note set out in this Section.

      Amended: January 2011
      October 07

    • BC-1.1.4

      Banks undertaking investment business activities should refer to Chapter BC-8 for additional requirements.

      October 07
      Amended: April 2008

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