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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 1—Conventional Banks > Part A > High Level Standards > LR Licensing Requirements > LR-A Introduction > LR-A.1 Purpose > License Categories > LR-A.1.8
  • License Categories

    • LR-A.1.5

      Conventional bank licenseesG are divided into two sub-categories: conventional retail banksG and conventional wholesale banksG . Certain specific regulatory requirements may differ between these two sub-categories, where appropriate to address their different risk profiles. (See Section LR-1.2.)

      Amended: January 2011
      October 2007

    • LR-A.1.6

      Conventional retail banksG may undertake transactions in any currency, with both Bahraini residents and non-residents. To qualify as a conventional retail bankG , the activity of providing credit must account for a significant portion of the institution's business (defined, broadly, as accounting for over 20% of an institution's assets — See Paragraphs LR-1.2.4LR-1.2.8).

      October 2007

    • LR-A.1.7

      Conventional wholesale banksG may also undertake transactions without restriction, when dealing with the Government of Bahrain and its agencies; CBB bank licensees; and non-residents. However, they may only undertake transactions denominated in Bahraini Dinar and/or with a resident of the Kingdom of Bahrain, if these are wholesale in nature. Wholesale transactions are defined in terms of transaction size (broadly, BD 7 million or more for a credit or deposit transaction, and US$ 100,000 or more for an investment transaction — See Paragraphs LR-1.2.9LR-1.2.26).

      October 2007

    • LR-A.1.8

      Collectively, licensed providers of regulated banking servicesG are called conventional bank licenseesG . Bahrain-incorporated conventional bank licenseesG are called Bahraini conventional bank licenseesG . Conventional bank licenseesG that are incorporated in an overseas jurisdiction and operate via a branch presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain are called branches of foreign conventional bank licenseesG . The same naming convention applies to the two sub-categories of conventional bank license: thus, Bahraini conventional retail bank licenseesG and Bahraini conventional wholesale bank licenseesG are those incorporated in Bahrain, whilst retail branches of foreign banksG and wholesale branches of foreign banksG are those incorporated in an overseas jurisdiction and operating in Bahrain via a branch presence.

      Amended: July 2017
      October 2007

    • LR-A.1.9

      Conventional bank licenseesG may not hold themselves out as an Islamic bank. They may nonetheless enter into Shari'a compliant transactions, subject to certain restrictions outlined in Section LR-1.4.

      October 2007

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