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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 1—Conventional Banks > Part A > High Level Standards > LR Licensing Requirements > LR-1 Requirement to Hold a License > LR-1.2 License Sub-Categories > Conventional Retail Banks > LR-1.2.7
  • Conventional Retail Banks

    • LR-1.2.4

      Conventional retail banksG are allowed to transact with both residents and non-residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in both Bahrain Dinar and foreign currencies.

      October 2007

    • LR-1.2.5

      To qualify as a conventional retail bankG , the person concerned must undertake (as a minimum), the activities of deposit-taking and providing credit (as defined in Rules LR-1.3.16 and LR-1.3.18). The activity of providing credit must be a significant part of the bank's business, relative to other activities.

      October 2007

    • LR-1.2.6

      When assessing the significance of credit-related activities, in the context of Rule LR-1.2.5, the CBB would normally expect to see loans and other credit-related activity (such as overdraft facilities, loan commitments, letters of credit, guarantees and other activities falling under the definition of providing credit), to constitute at least 20% of the total assets of the institution. Other activities and criteria may also be taken into account, if the CBB believes they are of a credit-related nature, and that such activities constitute a significant share of the bank's overall business.

      October 2007

    • LR-1.2.7

      In the case of new applicants, the above assessment is made based on the financial projections and business plan provided as part of the license application. Where existing licensees fail to satisfy the condition contained in Rule LR-1.2.5, the CBB will initiate discussion with the licensee as to the appropriateness of their license category: this may result in the licensee being required to change its license category. A branch of an overseas bank may nonetheless be allowed to hold a bank license in Bahrain, even if it fails to undertake the activities specified in Rule LR-1.2.5, providing that it undertakes other regulated banking services in Bahrain and its head office is licensed as a bank in its home country.

      October 2007

    • LR-1.2.8

      The purpose of Rule LR-1.2.5 is to ensure that, besides deposit-taking, the core banking activity of providing credit forms part of the definition of conventional retail banksG , and accounts for a significant share of their business, in keeping with their intermediation function.

      October 2007

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