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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 2—Islamic Banks > Part A > High Level Standards > SG Shari'a Governance > SG-6 Disclosure Requirements > SG-6.1 Disclosure Requirements > SG-6.1.1
  • SG-6.1 Disclosure Requirements

    • SG-6.1.1

      The SSB report must be published as part of the annual report and must include an opinion paragraph containing an expression of opinion on the compliance of the Bahraini Islamic bank licenseeG with Shari'a rules and principles, the SSB's fatawa and guidelines, Shari'a related policies and procedures of the licensee, AAOIFI's Shari'a standards, relevant rulings of the CSSB and the regulations, resolutions and directives issued by the CBB.

      August 2017

    • SG-6.1.2

      Bahraini Islamic bank licenseesG must make SSB's rulings of standard products and their evidence (fiqhi and other), and any changes to any product-specific fatawa available to the customers and the general public through appropriate publication and communication channels (e.g. making available on the website and the annual report).

      August 2017

    • SG-6.1.3

      Bahraini Islamic bank licensees must disclose in their annual report the aggregate remuneration paid to SSB members during the year.

      August 2017

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