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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 2—Islamic Banks > Part A > Reporting Requirements > BR CBB Reporting Requirements > BR-2 Regular Reporting – Semi-annual (Interim) Requirements > BR-2.1 Retail Branches of Foreign Banks
  • BR-2.1 Retail Branches of Foreign Banks

    • BR-2.1.1

      The content of this Section is applicable only to retail branchesG (licensed by the CBB) of foreign banks.

      October 2010
      October 07

    • Financial Information

      • BR-2.1.2

        BranchesG (referred to under Paragraph BR-2.1.1) are required to submit to the CBB their reviewed semi-annual (interim) financial statements (in the same format as their Annual Audited Accounts) for their Bahrain operations within 2 months of the date of these statements.

        Amended: April 2012
        October 2010
        October 07

    • Compliance

      • BR-2.1.3

        The statements mentioned under Paragraph BR-2.1.2 must be in compliance with the requirements set out under Section PD-2.1.

        Amended: January 2015
        April 2008
        October 07

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