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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 3—Insurance > Part A > Business Standards > RM Risk Management > RM-6 Operational Risk > RM-6.1 Operational Risk > Third Party Insurance > RM-6.1.17
  • Third Party Insurance

    • RM-6.1.17

      Insurance licenseesG are required to have in place insurance coverage from an unrelated third party to cover potential losses arising from liability, theft, fire and other potential operational risk.

    • RM-6.1.18

      Insurance licenseesG are required to comply with Paragraph RM-6.1.13 to RM-6.1.17, by 31st December, 2006 (Refer to ES-2.6A.1).

      Amended: October 2007
      Amended: April 2008

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