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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 3—Insurance > Part A > High Level Standards > GR General Requirements > GR-2 Corporate and Trade Names > GR-2.1 Vetting of Names
  • GR-2.1 Vetting of Names

    • GR-2.1.1

      Insurance licenseesG , other than captive insurersG , must seek prior approval from the CBB for their corporate name and any trade names, and those of their subsidiariesG located in Bahrain.

      Amended: January 2007

    • GR-2.1.2

      GR-2.1.1 applies to overseas insurance licenseesG only with respect to their Bahrain branchG .

      Amended: January 2007

    • GR-2.1.3

      In approving a corporate or trade name, the CBB seeks to ensure that it is sufficiently distinct as to reduce possible confusion with other unconnected businesses, particularly those operating in the financial services sector. The CBB also seeks to ensure that names used by unregulated subsidiariesG do not suggest those subsidiariesG are in fact regulated.

      Amended: January 2007

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