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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 4—Investment Business > Part A > Business Standards > FC Financial Crime > FC-4 Suspicious Transaction Reporting > FC-4.1 Internal Reporting
  • FC-4.1 Internal Reporting

    • FC-4.1.1

      Investment firm licenseesG must implement procedures to ensure that staff who handle customer business (or are managerially responsible for such staff) make a report promptly to the MLRO if they know or suspect that a customer (or a person on whose behalf a customer may be acting) is engaged in money laundering or terrorism financing, or if the transaction or the customer's conduct otherwise appears unusual or suspicious. These procedures must include arrangements for disciplining any member of staff who fails, without reasonable excuse, to make such a report.

    • FC-4.1.2

      Where investment firm licensees'G internal processes provide for staff to consult with their line managers before sending a report to the MLRO, such processes must not be used to prevent reports reaching the MLRO, where staff have stated that they have knowledge or suspicion that a transaction may involve money laundering or terrorist financing.

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