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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 4—Investment Business > Part A > Business Standards > RM Risk Management > Chapter RM-5 Operational Risk > RM-5.1 Operational Risk > Record Keeping > RM-5.1.15
  • Record Keeping

    • RM-5.1.15

      Investment firm licenseesG must retain an appropriate record of their operational risk management activities.

      Adopted: July 2007

    • RM-5.1.16

      RM-5.1.15 may, for example, include records of:

      (a) The results of risk identification, measurement, and monitoring activities;
      (b) Actions taken to control identified risks;
      (c) Where relevant, any exposure thresholds that have been set for identified operational risks;
      (d) An assessment of the effectiveness of the risk control tools that are used; and
      (e) Actual operational risk losses or events against stated risk appetite or tolerance.
      Adopted: July 2007

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