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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 4—Investment Business > Part A > Introduction > ES Executive Summary > ES-2 Implementation and Transition Rules > ES-2.4 1 January 2008 > ES-2.4.1
  • ES-2.4 1 January 2008

    • ES-2.4.1

      Investment firm licenseesG licensed prior to 1 July 2007 must comply with the requirements contained in Modules HC, RM and BR by 1 January 2008. LicenseesG issued a license after 1 July 2007 must comply with these Modules (as well as other content of Volume 4 of the CBB Rulebook), from the date of issue of their license.

      Amended: July 2007

    • ES-2.4.1A

      As the reporting forms under Chapter BR-1, Prudential Reporting, other than the Quarterly Prudential Report which has been issued in March 2009, are under development, investment firm licenseesG benefit from a further transition period from the requirements of this Chapter. Licensees will be informed at a later date of the implementation date of Chapter BR-1.

      Amended: October 2009
      Added: July 2008

    • ES-2.4.2

      Modules HC, RM and BR were issued in July 2007. Rule ES-2.4.1 means that existing investment firm licenseesG have therefore a 6-month implementation grace period.

      Amended: July 2008
      Amended: July 2007

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