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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 4—Investment Business > Part A > High Level Standards > HC High-Level Controls Module > HC-6 Management Structure > HC-6.2 Establishment of Management Structure
  • HC-6.2 Establishment of Management Structure

    • HC-6.2.1

      The Board must approve and review at least annually the investment firm licensee'sG management structure and responsibilities.

      January 2011

    • HC-6.2.2

      The Board must appoint senior managementG whose authority must include management and operation of current activities of the investment firm licenseeG , reporting to and under the direction of the Board. The senior managersG must include at a minimum:

      (a) A CEOG ;
      (b) A chief financial officer;
      (c) A corporate secretary;
      (d) An internal auditor (see HC-6.4 and AU-1.2); and
      (e) A compliance officer (seeHC-6.5 and AU-1.2).

      and must also include such other approved personsG as the Board considers appropriate and as a minimum must include persons occupying controlled functionsG as outlined in Paragraph AU-1.2.2.

      Amended: April 2011
      January 2011

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