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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 4—Investment Business > Part A > High Level Standards > AU Authorisation > AU-1 Authorisation Requirements > AU-1.4 Definition of Regulated Investment Services > Dealing in Financial Instruments as Principal > AU-1.4.15
  • Dealing in Financial Instruments as Principal

    • AU-1.4.11

      Dealing in financial instrumentsG as principal means buying, selling, subscribing for or underwritingG any financial instrumentG on own account, including underwritingG transactions.

      Amended: October 2014
      Amended: October 2012
      Amended: October 2009

    • AU-1.4.11A

      Only Category 1 investment firmsG are permitted to underwriteG the issuance of financial instrumentsG . However, the CBB will only permit such activity if the licenseeG has the financial ability to absorb the size of the commitment.

      Amended: October 2014
      Amended: October 2012
      Added: January 2012

    • AU-1.4.11B

      In assessing the financial ability of a licenseeG , the CBB will consider, amongst other factors, the licensee'sG capital adequacy, its capacity to undertake the activity, and its track record in complying with applicable regulatory requirements. Any underwritingG activities require the prior approval of the CBB's Capital Market Supervision Directorate and are subject to Module OFS (Offering of Securities) of Volume 6 of the CBB Rulebook.

      Amended: October 2014
      Added: January 2012

    • AU-1.4.12

      A person carries on an activity specified in Rule AU-1.4.11 only if he is a market maker or deals on own account on an organised, frequent and systematic basis by providing a system accessible to third parties in order to engage in dealings with them.

    • AU-1.4.13

      A licensee that carries on an activity of the kind specified by Rule AU-1.4.11 is authorised to act as a market maker and has the ability to deal in financial instrumentsG on terms determined by it. Such a licensee undertakes such an activity using its own financial resources, but may also control client assetsG or liabilities in the course of its designated investment business.

      Amended: July 2007

    • AU-1.4.14

      A person does not carry on an activity specified in Rule AU-1.4.11 if the activity relates to the person issuing his own shares/debentures, warrants or bonds.

    • AU-1.4.15

      The activity specified in Rule AU-1.4.11 may also include providing credit, where it is an incidental part of buying, selling, subscribing for or underwritingG financial instrumentsG . However, the amount provided as credit must be paid out of the investment firm licensee'sG capital and not out of clients' assets.

      Amended: October 2012

    • AU-1.4.16

      Examples of the type of 'incidental' credit activity provided for under Rule AU-1.4.15 include the provision of margin facilities on trading accounts or credit elements intrinsic to a structured or leveraged financial product.

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