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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 4—Investment Business > Part A > Introduction > UG User's Guide > UG-2 Rulebook Structure and Format > UG-2.3 Format and Page Layout
  • UG-2.3 Format and Page Layout

    • Headers

      • UG-2.3.1

        The top of each page in the Rulebook identifies the Volume, Module and Chapter in question.

    • Footers

      • UG-2.3.2

        The bottom of each page in the Rulebook (on the left hand side) identifies the Module in question, its section and page number. Page numbering starts afresh for each Section: the total number of pages in each Section is shown as well as the individual page number. The bottom right hand side shows an end-calendar quarter issue date. The contents page for each Module, and each Section in a Module, are each given their own issue date. In addition, the Module contents page lists the latest issue date for each Section in that Module. The contents page thus acts as a summary checklist of the current issue date in force for each Section. Further explanation is provided in Section UG-3.1 below.

    • Defined terms

      • UG-2.3.3

        Defined terms used in the Rulebook are underlined. Each Volume has its own glossary listing defined terms and giving their meaning. Definitions of terms used apply only to the Volume in question. It is possible for the same term to be used in a different Volume with a different meaning.

    • Cross-references

      • UG-2.3.4

        Any cross-references given in a text state the Module code, followed (where appropriate) by the numbering convention for any particular chapter, section or paragraph being referred to. For example, the cross-reference FC-1.2.3 refers to the third Paragraph in the second Section of the first Chapter of the Financial Crime Module. Many references will be quite general, referring simply to a particular Module, Chapter or Section, rather than a specific Paragraph.

    • Text format

      • UG-2.3.5

        Each Paragraph is assigned a complete reference to the Module, Chapter, and Section, as well as its own paragraph number, as explained in Paragraph UG-2.3.4 above. The format of the Paragraph reference and text indicates its status as either a Rule or Guidance, as explained in Paragraph UG-1.2.4 above.

      • UG-2.3.6

        When cross-referring to specific Paragraphs, and it is important to make clear the status of the Paragraph in question as a Rule or Guidance, then the words 'Rule' or 'Guidance' may be used instead of 'Paragraph', followed by the reference number (e.g. 'As required by Rule FC-1.1.1, licensees must...').

        Amended: January 2007

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