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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 4—Investment Business > Part A > Business Standards > CA Capital Adequacy > CA-B Scope of Application > CA-B.1 Scope > CA-B.1.3 [deleted]
  • CA-B.1 Scope

    • CA-B.1.1

      This Module applies to both Bahraini investment firm licenseesG and overseas investment firm licenseesG .

    • CA-B.1.2 [deleted]

      [This Paragraph was moved to CA-1.1.A].

      Deleted: January 2011

    • CA-B.1.3 [deleted]

      [This Paragraph was moved to CA-1.1A.3].

      Deleted: January 2011

    • CA-B.1.4 [deleted]

      [This Paragraph was moved to CA-1.1A.1].

      Deleted: January 2011

    • CA-B.1.5 [deleted]

      [This Paragraph was moved to CA-1.1A.2].

      Amended: January 2011

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