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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 4—Investment Business > Part A > High Level Standards > AU Authorisation > AU-5 Information Requirements and Processes > AU-5.5 Cancellation of Authorisation
  • AU-5.5 Cancellation of Authorisation

    • Voluntary Surrender of a License or Closure of a Branch

      • AU-5.5.1

        In accordance with Article 50 of the CBB Law, investment firm licenseesG wishing to cancel their license or cease activities for a branch must obtain the CBB's written approval, before ceasing their activities. All such requests must be made in writing to the Director, Financial Institutions Supervision, setting out in full the reasons for the request and how the business is to be wound up.

        Amended: October 2011
        Amended: July 2010
        Amended: July 2007

      • AU-5.5.2

        Investment firm licenseesG must satisfy the CBB that their customers' interests are to be safeguarded during and after the proposed cancellation. The requirements contained in Module GR regarding cessation of business must be satisfied.

        Amended: July 2007

      • AU-5.5.3

        Failure to comply with Rule AU-5.5.1 constitutes a breach of Article 50(a) of the CBB Law. The CBB will only approve such a request where it has no outstanding regulatory concerns and any relevant customer interests would not be prejudiced. A voluntary surrender of a license will not be accepted where it is aimed at pre-empting supervisory actions by the CBB. A voluntary surrender will only be allowed to take effect once the licenseeG , in the opinion of the CBB, has discharged all its regulatory responsibilities to customers.

        Amended: January 2011
        Amended: July 2007

    • Cancellation of a License by the CBB

      • AU-5.5.4

        As provided for under Article 48(c) of the CBB Law, the CBB may itself move to cancel a license, for instance if a licenseeG fails to satisfy any of its existing license conditions or protecting the legitimate interests of customers or creditors of the licenseeG requires a cancellation. The CBB generally views the cancellation of a license as appropriate only in the most serious of circumstances, and generally tries to address supervisory concerns through other means beforehand. See also Chapter EN-7, regarding the cancellation or amendment of licenses, including the procedures used in such instances and the licensee'sG right to appeal the formal notice of cancellation issued by the CBB.

        Amended: October 2011
        Amended: July 2007

      • AU-5.5.4A

        Cancellation of a license requires the CBB to issue a formal notice of cancellation to the licenseeG concerned. The notice of cancellation describes the CBB's rationale for the proposed cancellation, as specified in Article 48(d) of the CBB Law.

        Amended: October 2012
        Adopted: October 2011

      • AU-5.5.4B

        Where the cancellation of a license has been confirmed by the CBB, the CBB will only effect the cancellation once a licenseeG has discharged all its regulatory responsibilities to clientsG . Until such time, the CBB will retain all its regulatory powers towards the licenseeG and will direct the licenseeG so that no new regulated investment servicesG may be undertaken whilst the licenseeG discharges its obligations to its clientsG .

        Adopted: October 2011

    • Cancellation of Approved Person Status

      • AU-5.5.5

        In accordance with Paragraph AU-5.2.8, investment firm licenseesG must promptly notify the CBB in writing as soon as they become aware, when a person undertaking a controlled functionG will no longer be carrying out that function. If a controlled functionG falls vacant, the investment firm licenseeG must appoint a permanent replacement (after obtaining CBB approval), within 120 calendar days of the vacancy occurring. Pending the appointment of a permanent replacement, the investment firm licenseeG must make immediate interim arrangements to ensure continuity of the duties and responsibilities of the controlled functionG affected, provided that such arrangements do not pose a conflict of duties. These interim arrangements must be approved by the CBB.

        Amended: July 2015
        Amended: January 2012
        Amended: July 2010
        Amended: April 2008
        Amended: July 2007

      • AU-5.5.6

        The explanation given for any such changes should simply identify if the planned move was prompted by any concerns over the person concerned, or is due to a routine staff change, retirement or similar reason.

        Amended: July 2007

      • AU-5.5.7

        The CBB may also move to declare someone as not 'fit and proper', in response to significant compliance failures or other improper behaviour by that person: see Chapter EN-8 regarding the cancellation of 'fit and proper' approval.

        Amended: July 2007

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