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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 5—Specialised Licensees > Common Modules (Applicable to all Specialised Licensees) > Part A > Enforcement & Redress > EN Enforcement > EN-7 Cancellation or Amendment of License > EN-7.2 CBB Policy > EN-7.2.2
  • EN-7.2 CBB Policy

    • EN-7.2.1

      When used as an enforcement tool, the CBB views cancelling a license as appropriate only in the most serious of circumstances, when faced with the gravest of contraventions or when left with no other reasonable means of successfully addressing the regulatory failings in question. Cancellation or amendment of a license, however, may also be required in circumstances outside of an enforcement context, for instance because of a change in the business profile of a licenseeG .

      October 2010

    • EN-7.2.2

      When used as an enforcement tool, the criteria used by the CBB in assessing whether to seek the cancellation or amendment of a license include:

      (a) The extent to which the interests of the market, its users and those who have a claim on the licenseeG would be best served by the cancellation or amendment of the license;
      (b) The extent to which other supervisory penalties could reasonably be expected to achieve the CBB's desired supervisory objectives;
      (c) The extent to which the licenseeG has contravened the conditions of its license and/or the CBB Law, including the seriousness, duration and/or frequency of the contravention(s) concerned, and the extent to which the contraventions reflect more widespread or systemic weaknesses in controls and/or management;
      (d) The extent to which the licenseeG has been involved in financial crime or other criminal conduct; and
      (e) The licenseeG 's past compliance record and conduct following the contravention (s).
      October 2010

    • EN-7.2.3

      When the CBB issues a notice of cancellation or amendment as an enforcement tool, it will only implement the actual change once it is satisfied that there are no longer any regulated activities for which it is necessary to keep the current authorisation in force. Until such time as these activities have been run off or moved to another licenseeG , the CBB will control these activities through other means (such as taking the licenseeG into administration or through issuing Directions).

      October 2010

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