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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 5—Specialised Licensees > Specific Modules (By Type of Licensee) > Type 1: Money Changers Licensees > Part A > High Level Standards > GR Money Changers General Requirements Module > GR-9 Security Measures
  • GR-9 Security Measures

    • GR-9.1 Security Measures for Money Changers

      • GR-9.1.1

        LicenseesG must apply the following security measures as a minimum:

        October 2010

      • GR-9.1.2

        External Measures

        (a) All offices must be located in heavy customer traffic areas, e.g. souqs. Not all malls may be considered heavy traffic areas. No branches should operate in isolated areas.
        (b) Main entrance doors must be protected by a grill type steel rolling shutter during off hours.
        (c) Branch alarm systems should have the following features:
        (1) PIR Motion detectors;
        (2) External audible siren or visible alarm. The choice of whether to use an audible alarm is left to the licenseesG concerned; and
        (3) The intrusion detection system must be linked to the licensee'sG (i.e. head office) monitoring unit.
        Amended: July 2011
        October 2010

      • GR-9.1.3

        Internal Measures

        (a) Teller counters must be fully screened off from customers by glass screens. Cash should not be directly exchanged through screens. Special purpose trays (i.e. half-rounded trays) should be fitted for the exchange of cash;
        (b) Access to teller areas must be restricted to authorised staff only;
        (c) Front doors to teller areas must be eliminated as much as possible. When used, they must be full length, solid, secure and kept locked at all times; and
        (d) Customers dealing with Branch Managers should not enter or pass through teller areas to get to the Branch Manager's office.
        Amended: July 2011
        October 2010

      • Teller Area

        • GR-9.1.4

          Panic alarm systems for staff handling cash may be installed. The choice between silent or audible panic alarms is left to individual licenseesG . Kick bars and/or hold up buttons may be spread throughout the teller and customer service areas and the branch manager's office.

          Amended: July 2011
          October 2010

        • GR-9.1.5

          Cash Safety

          (a) Cash must be kept in safes up to international standards and preferably secured to a solid floor;
          (b) All property in vaults and safes must be under the joint custody of two people;
          (c) Safes should be located out of the sight of customers wherever possible; and
          (d) Insurance coverage must be maintained in accordance with Section GR-7.1.
          Amended: July 2011
          October 2010

        • GR-9.1.5A

          All cash movements between branches, or to and from banks should be performed by a special purpose vehicle.

          Added: July 2011

        • GR-9.1.6

          CCTV Network Systems

          (a) All branches must have CCTV cameras in place. The following locations are recommended:
          (1) Customer areas (hall, reception etc);
          (2) Teller areas (cameras located at the rear of tellers); and
          (3) Vault entrance/area; and
          (b) Notices of CCTV cameras in operation must be put up for the attention of the public. CCTV records must be maintained for a minimum of 30 days. The CCTV system must be operational 24 hours per day.
          Amended: July 2011
          October 2010

        • GR-9.1.7

          Formal Security Training

          (a) LicenseesG must establish the position of security manager. For licenseesG with three or more branches, this position must be a formally identified position. For licenseesG with one or two branches, the responsibilities of this position may be added to the duties of a member of management. This person will be responsible for ensuring that all staff are given annual, comprehensive security training. Training should form part of the induction program for new staff. Training should be given to all staff when new security measures are introduced; and
          (b) LicenseesG should produce a security manual or procedures for staff, especially those dealing directly with customers.
          Amended: July 2011
          October 2010

        • GR-9.1.8

          Other Issues

          (a) Opening and closing procedures must be put in place for those responsible for opening and closing the premises; and
          (b) Rotation of tellers must be implemented on a regular basis.
          Amended: July 2011
          October 2010

        • GR-9.1.9

          The security manager must maintain records on documented security related complaints by customers and take corrective action or make recommendations for action on a timely basis. Actions and recommendations must also be documented.

          Added: July 2011

        • GR-9.1.10

          LicenseesG must consider safety and security issues when selecting premises for new branches. Key security issues include prominence of location (i.e. is the branch on a main street or a back street?), accessibility for emergency services, and assessment of surrounding premises (in terms of their safety or vulnerability), and the number of entrances to the branch. All licenseesG are required to hold an insurance blanket bond (which includes theft of cash in its cover).

          Added: July 2011

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