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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 5—Specialised Licensees > Common Modules (Applicable to all Specialised Licensees) > Part A > Introduction > UG User's Guide > UG-2 Rulebook Structure and Format > UG-2.2 Volume Structure > Modules > UG-2.2.2
  • Modules

    • UG-2.2.1

      Modules in Volume 5 are divided into Common and Specific Modules based on the nature of each specialised licenseeG . The contents of Common Modules apply to all specialised licensees, while the contents of Specific Modules apply to one specific type of licensee (e.g. Money Changers).

      October 2010

    • UG-2.2.2

      Each Module in Volume 5 is referenced using a two-or three-letter code, which is usually a contraction or abbreviation of its title. For each Specific Module, in addition to the title, the type of licensee is mentioned. These codes are used for cross-referencing within the text.

      Amended: October 2012
      October 2010

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