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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 5—Specialised Licensees > Common Modules (Applicable to all Specialised Licensees) > Part A > Introduction > UG User's Guide > UG-3 Rulebook Maintenance and Access
  • UG-3 Rulebook Maintenance and Access

    • UG-3.1 Rulebook Maintenance

      • Quarterly Updates

        • UG-3.1.1

          Any changes to the Rulebook are generally made on a quarterly cycle (the only exception being when changes are urgently required), in early January, April, July and October. When changes are made to a Module, the amended Sections are given a new version date, in the bottom right-hand page.

          October 2010

        • UG-3.1.2

          The contents page for each amended Module is also updated: the table of contents is changed to show the new version date for each amended Section (in the 'Date Last Changed' column), and the contents page itself is also given its own new version date in the bottom right-hand corner. The Module contents pages thus act as a checklist for hard-copy users to verify which are the current version dates for each Section in that Module.

          October 2010

        • UG-3.1.3

          A summary of any changes made to a Module is included in the Module History Section of each Module. The table summarises the nature of the change made, the date of the change, and the Module components and relevant pages affected. The Module History can thus be used to identify which pages were updated within individual Sections.

          October 2010

        • UG-3.1.4

          Hard-copy users of the CBB Rulebook can check that they have the latest copy of each Module's contents pages, by referring to the overall table of contents for each Volume. The Volume table of contents lists the date each Module was last changed; users can use this table to check the date showing in the bottom right-hand corner of each Module's contents page.

          October 2010

        • UG-3.1.5

          The website version of the Rulebook acts at all times as the definitive version of the Rulebook. Any changes are automatically posted to the CBB website, together with a summary of those changes. Licensees are in addition e-mailed every quarter, to notify them of any changes (if any). Hard-copy users are invited to print off the updated pages from the website to incorporate in their Rulebook in order to keep it current.

          October 2010

      • Changes to Numbering

        • UG-3.1.6

          In order to limit the knock-on impact of inserting or deleting text on the numbering of text that follows the change, the following conventions apply:

          (a) Where a new Paragraph is to be included in a Section, such that it would impact the numbering of existing text that would follow it, the Paragraph retains the numbering of the existing Paragraph immediately preceding it, but with the addition of an "A"; a second inserted Paragraph that follows immediately afterwards would be numbered with a "B", and so on.

          For example, if a new Paragraph needs to be inserted after UG-3.1.6, it would be numbered UG-3.1.6A; a second new Paragraph would be numbered UG-3.1.6B, and so on. This convention avoids the need for renumbering existing text that follows an insertion. The same principle is applied where a new Section or a new Chapter needs to be inserted: for example, UG-3.1A (for a new Section), and UG-3A (for a new Chapter)
          (b) Where a Paragraph is deleted, then the numbering of the old Paragraph is retained, and the following inserted in square brackets: '[This Paragraph was deleted in April 2006.]' (The date given being the actual end-calendar quarter date of the deletion.) The same principle is applied with respect to Sections and Chapters.
          October 2010

        • UG-3.1.7

          Where many such changes have built up over time, then the CBB may reissue the whole Section, Paragraph, Chapter or even Module concerned, consolidating all these changes.

          October 2010

    • UG-3.2 Rulebook Access

      • Availability

        • UG-3.2.1

          The Rulebook is available on the CBB website.

          Amended: January 2013
          October 2010

      • Queries

        • UG-3.2.2

          Questions regarding the administration of the Rulebook (e.g. website availability, the updating of material etc) should be addressed to the Rulebook Section of the Licensing & Policy Directorate:

          Rulebook Section
          Licensing & Policy Directorate
          Central Bank of Bahrain
          P.O. Box 27
          Kingdom of Bahrain

          Tel: + 973 - 17 54 7413
          Fax: + 973 - 17 53 0228

          Questions regarding interpretation of the policy and requirements contained in the Rulebook should be addressed to the licensee's regular supervisory point of contact within the CBB.

          Amended: January 2013
          October 2010

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