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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 6—Capital Markets > Part A > Institutions > CSD — Clearing, Settlement and Depository > CSD-2 Clearing House and Central Depository Function > CSD-2.5 Authorised Depository Participant > CSD-2.5.1
  • CSD-2.5 Authorised Depository Participant

    • CSD-2.5.1

      A central depositoryG must appoint any of the personsG referred to in Paragraph CSD-2.5.2 to be a depository participantG for all or any of the following purposes:

      (a) To facilitate the deposit of securitiesG ;
      (b) To open, maintain and close securities accountsG ;
      (c) To make entries in securities accountsG ;
      (d) To collect such fees and charges imposed by the central depositoryG as may be provided under these rules; or
      (e) Such other incidental and ancillary purposes as may be specified by the rules of the central depositoryG .
      Amended: April 2016

    • CSD-2.5.2

      A central depositoryG may appoint as a depository participantG any of the following:

      (a) A stock exchange;
      (b) A clearing houseG or depository;
      (c) A bank licensed by the CBB;
      (d) [This Subparagraph was deleted in April 2016]; or
      (e) An investment firm licenseeG licensed by the CBB;

      and any depository participantG so appointed, in carrying out all or any of the purposes mentioned in rule CSD-2.5.1, shall, when so required by the central depositoryG , in respect of such purposes, be authorised to give, divulge, reveal or disclose to the central depositoryG any information or documents relating to a securities accountG .

      Amended: April 2016

    • Agreement Between Depository and Depository Participant

      • CSD-2.5.3

        A central depositoryG shall enter into an agreement with one or more depository participantsG as its agent.

      • CSD-2.5.4

        Every agreement shall be consistent with the provisions of this Module.

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