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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 6—Capital Markets > Archive > Part A > Collective Investment Undertakings > CIU — Collective Investment Undertakings > CIU-1 Bahrain Domiciled Retail CIUs > CIU-1.4 Governance of the CIU > Governance Framework > CIU-1.4.6
  • Governance Framework

    • CIU-1.4.6

      Bahrain domiciled retail CIUsG must maintain an adequate framework for the governance and operation of the CIUG . This framework must seek to ensure that the CIUG is governed effectively and in the interests of the CIU's participantsG .

    • CIU-1.4.7

      The main aim of the framework should be to ensure that when faced with a conflict, the CIUG respects all applicable rules and its contractual obligations from an objective perspective, withouth favouring CIUG insiders (including relevant personsG ) at the expense of the interests of the CIU's participantsG .

    • CIU-1.4.8

      The CIU'sG directors (or trustees in the case of a trust) may not delegate their oversight responsibilities, although execution of operational functions may be outsourced to other entities.

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