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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 6—Capital Markets > Part A > Institutions > MAE — Markets and Exchanges > MAE-A Introduction > MAE-A.1 Purpose > Legal Basis > MAE-A.1.8
  • Legal Basis

    • MAE-A.1.5

      Article 4(4) and Part 2 of the CBB Law provides the power of the CBB to license and exercise regulatory control over financial institutions providing regulated services stated in Article 39, including marketsG and exchanges.

    • MAE-A.1.6

      As per Article 39(b) of the CBB Law, the CBB shall issue regulations specifying the regulated services. The operation of a licensed market operatorG or a licensed exchangeG is hereby specified as one of the regulated services which require licensing pursuant to Article 40 and Article 44 of the CBB Law.

    • MAE-A.1.7

      This Module contains the prior approval requirements for approved persons under Resolution No (23) of 2015.

      Added: April 2016

    • MAE-A.1.8

      This Module contains Resolution No (1) of 2007 (issued under Article 180 of the CBB Law) amended by Resolution No (26) of 2010 and further amended by Resolution No (1) of 2016 with respect to determining fees categories due for licensees and services provided by the CBB.

      Added: April 2016

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