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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 6—Capital Markets > Part A > Introduction > UG — User's Guide > UG-1 Rulebook Status and Application > UG-1.2 Status of Provisions > UG-1.2.4
  • UG-1.2 Status of Provisions

    • UG-1.2.1

      The contents of the CBB Rulebook are categorised either as Rules or as Guidance. Rules have a binding effect. Guidance is not binding: rather, it is material that helps inform a particular Rule or set of Rules, or provides other general information.

    • UG-1.2.2

      Where relevant, compliance with Guidance will generally lead the CBB to assess that the rule(s) to which the Guidance relates has been complied with. Conversely, failure to comply with Guidance will generally be viewed by the CBB as tending to suggest breach of a Rule.

    • UG-1.2.3

      The categorisation of each Paragraph within the Rulebook is identified by its text format, as follows:

      •   Rules are in bold, font size 12. The Paragraph reference number is also highlighted in a coloured box.
      •   Guidance is in normal type, font size 11.

    • UG-1.2.4

      Where there are differences of interpretation over the meaning of a Rule or Guidance, the CBB reserves the right to apply its own interpretation.

    • UG-1.2.5

      Rule UG-1.2.4 does not prejudice the rights of an authorised person to make a judicial appeal, should it believe that the CBB is acting unreasonably or beyond its legal powers.

    • UG-1.2.6

      All Rulebook content has the formal status of at least a Directive. Some Rulebook content may also have the status of Regulations. Rulebook content that is categorised as a Rule is therefore legally mandatory and must be complied with by those to whom the content is addressed.

    • UG-1.2.7

      Breaches of Rules constitute breaches of the CBB Law. If a CBB licenseeG or person breaches a Rule to which they are subject, they are liable to enforcement action by the CBB and, in certain cases, criminal proceedings by the Office of the Public Prosecutor.

    • UG-1.2.8

      The CBB's enforcement powers and processes are set out in Module EN.

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