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  • AA-3.1 Review of Quarterly Prudential Returns

    • AA-3.1.1

      In accordance with Paragraph BR-1.1.8, Category 1 and Category 2 investment firm licensees must arrange for their auditors to review the licensee's Quarterly Prudential Return for the quarter ending 30 June (or semi-annually depending on the licensee's financial year-end) prior to its submission to the CBB, unless otherwise exempted in writing by CBB. Auditors must complete the prescribed form attesting to their review, which must be attached to the Quarterly Prudential Return.

      Amended: July 2016
      Amended: October 2009
      Amended: April 2008
      Amended: January 2007

    • AA-3.1.2

      Investment firm licensees are required to submit a Quarterly Prudential Return (QPR). Category 1 and Category 2 investment firm licensees may apply in writing to CBB for an exemption from the requirement that the QPR be reviewed by the licensee's external auditors: this exemption would normally only be given where the licensee had established a track record of accurate and timely reporting, and there were no other supervisory issues of concern. Further details on the CBB's reporting and related requirements, including the precise scope of the auditor's review and attestation, will be contained in Module BR (CBB Reporting).

      Amended: July 2016
      Amended: January 2007

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