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  • EN-9.1 Overview

    • EN-9.1.1

      The CBB Law provides for a number of criminal sanctions in cases where certain of its provisions are contravened. This Section provides a summary of those sanctions most relevant to licensees, their Directors and employees. What follows is not a complete list of all sanctions provided for in the CBB Law, nor is it a substitute for reading the Law and being fully aware of its provisions.

      October 2010

    • EN-9.1.2

      Licensees, their Directors and employees should also be aware of the criminal sanctions provided for under other relevant Bahraini laws, such as the Decree – Law No. 4 of 2001, with respect to the prevention and prohibition of the laundering of money.

      October 2010

    • EN-9.1.3

      In all cases to do with criminal sanctions, the CBB can only refer the matter to the Office of the Public Prosecutor. The CBB has no authority to apply such sanctions without recourse to the courts.

      October 2010

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