CBB Volume 6: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 6—Capital Markets
Part A
CSD — Clearing, Settlement and Depository
CSD-2 Clearing House and Central Depository Function
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  • Record of Securities Holders Beneficial Owner to be Issued to an Issuer on Request

    • CSD-2.8.4

      An issuer of any deposited security may, in the manner and period prescribed by the rules of the central depository, request the central depository to issue him a record of the securities holders holding the aforementioned securities under their securities accounts, as at the date of the notice or such other date as may be specified in the notice.

    • CSD-2.8.5

      The record of securities holders referred to in Paragraph CSD-2.8.4 shall contain the names, addresses, number of the deposited securities acquired by each securities holder and such other information and particulars of the securities holders as may be required and prescribed by the rules of the depository.

      Amended: April 2016

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