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  • Fit and Proper Requirements

    • MAE-5.3.8

      Licensees seeking an approved person authorisation for an individual, must satisfy the CBB that the individual concerned is 'fit and proper' to undertake the controlled function in question.

      Amended: April 2016
      Added: April 2013

    • MAE-5.3.8A

      Each applicant applying for approved person status and those individuals occupying approved person positions must comply with the following conditions:

      (a) Has not previously been convicted of any felony or crime that relates to his/her honesty and/or integrity unless he/she has subsequently been restored to good standing;
      (b) Has not been the subject of any adverse finding in a civil action by any court or competent jurisdiction, relating to fraud;
      (c) Has not been adjudged bankrupt by a court unless a period of 10 years has passed, during which the person has been able to meet all his/her obligations and has achieved economic accomplishments;
      (d) Has not been disqualified by a court, regulator or other competent body, as a director or as a manager of a corporation;
      (e) Has not failed to satisfy a judgement debt under a court order resulting from a business relationship;
      (f) Must have personal integrity, good conduct and reputation;
      (g) Has appropriate professional and other qualifications for the controlled function in question, including qualifications such as the Securities Market Regulation Certification Programme (Series 7), the General Securities Representative Qualification (Series 79), and/or any other relevant examinations and qualifications recognised by the CBB that are appropriate to capital market functions, as the case may be. However the CBB reserves the right to impose a higher level of qualifications as it deems necessary; and
      (h) Has sufficient experience to perform the duties of the controlled function.
      Added: April 2016

    • MAE-5.3.8B

      In assessing the conditions prescribed in Rule MAE-5.3.8A, the CBB will take into account the criteria contained in Paragraph MAE-5.3.8C. The CBB reviews each application on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all relevant circumstances. A person may be considered 'fit and proper' to undertake one type of controlled function but not another, depending on the function's job size and required levels of experience and expertise. Similarly, a person approved to undertake a controlled function in one licensee may not be considered to have sufficient expertise and experience to undertake nominally the same controlled function but in a much bigger licensee.

      Added: April 2016

    • MAE-5.3.8C

      In assessing a person's fitness and propriety, the CBB will also consider previous professional and personal conduct (in Bahrain or elsewhere) including, but not limited to, the following:

      (a) The propriety of a person's conduct, whether or not such conduct resulted in a criminal offence being committed, the contravention of a law or regulation, or the institution of legal or disciplinary proceedings;
      (b) A conviction or finding of guilt in respect of any offence, other than a minor traffic offence, by any court or competent jurisdiction;
      (c) Any adverse finding in a civil action by any court or competent jurisdiction, relating to misfeasance or other misconduct in connection with the formation or management of a corporation or partnership;
      (d) Whether the person, or any body corporate, partnership or unincorporated institution to which the applicant has, or has been associated with as a director, controller, manager or company secretary been the subject of any disciplinary proceeding, investigation or fines by any government authority, regulatory agency or professional body or association;
      (e) The contravention of any financial services legislation;
      (f) Whether the person has ever been refused a license, authorisation, registration or other authority;
      (g) Dismissal or a request to resign from any office or employment;
      (h) Whether the person has been a Director, partner or manager of a corporation or partnership which has gone into liquidation or administration or where one or more partners have been declared bankrupt whilst the person was connected with that partnership;
      (i) The extent to which the person has been truthful and open with supervisors; and
      (j) Whether the person has ever entered into any arrangement with creditors in relation to the inability to pay due debts.
      Added: April 2016

    • MAE-5.3.8D

      With respect to Paragraph MAE-5.3.8C, the CBB will take into account the length of time since any such event occurred, as well as the seriousness of the matter in question.

      Added: April 2016

    • MAE-5.3.9

      Approved persons undertaking a controlled function must act prudently, and with honesty, integrity, care, skill and due diligence in the performance of their duties. They must avoid any conflict of interest arising whilst undertaking a controlled function and shall be subject, among all accepted market conducts, to the insider trading rules.

      Added: April 2013

    • MAE-5.3.10

      In determining where there may be a conflict of interest arising, factors that may be considered will include whether:

      (a) A person has breached any fiduciary obligations to the licensed exchange or terms of employment;
      (b) A person has undertaken actions that would be difficult to defend, when looked at objectively, as being in the interest of the licensed exchange; and
      (c) A person has failed to declare a personal interest that has a material impact in terms of the person's relationship with the licensed exchange in general, and interest in holding any listed securities or futures contracts in particular.
      Added: April 2013

    • MAE-5.3.11

      [This Paragraph was deleted in April 2016.]

      Deleted: April 2016
      Added: April 2013

    • MAE-5.3.12

      [This Paragraph was deleted in April 2016.]

      Deleted: April 2016
      Added: April 2013

    • MAE-5.3.13

      [This Paragraph was moved to Paragraph MAE-5.3.7B in April 2016.]

      Amended: April 2016
      Added: April 2013

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