The Corporate Governance Code of the Kingdom of Bahrain

The Corporate Governance Code of the Kingdom of Bahrain
Corporate Governance Principles Principle 1
The Company Shall be Headed by an Effective, Collegial and Informed Board
Principle 2
The Directors and Officers Shall have Full Loyalty to the Company
Principle 3
The Board Shall Have Rigorous Controls for Financial Audit and Reporting, Internal Control, and Compliance With Law
Principle 4
The Company Shall have Rigorous Procedures for Appointment, Training, and Evaluation of the Board
Principle 5
The Company Shall Remunerate Directors and Officers Fairly and Responsibly
Principle 6
The Board Shall Establish A Clear and Efficient Management Structure
Principle 7
The Company Shall Communicate With Shareholders, Encourage Their Participation, and Respect Their Rights
Principle 8
The Company Shall Disclose its Corporate Governance
Principle 9
Companies Which Refer to Themselves as "Islamic" Must Follow the Principles Of Islamic Shari'a
Appendices Appendix A
Independent Director
Appendix B
Audit Committee
Appendix C
Nominating Committee
Appendix D
Remuneration Committee
Appendix E
Corporate Governance Disclosure
Terms Used in this Code
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